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Not every child has a straight forward journey through life.  There may be many unforeseen challenges ahead.  Some children have a difficult birth, others are born with a life-limiting illness or disability.  Other children struggle with emotions that at times seem impossible to control or even comprehend.

It is often impossible to imagine what, if anything, has caused a child's ailment.  Usually there is very little evidence to suggest a cause and even less evidence pointing to a cure.   Many children have symptoms that leave us, as parents, bewildered, confused and exasperated.  It is easy to feel alone and desperate when your child is faced with a multitude of unfathomable problems.



Is there is a way to improve my child's sleeping patterns ?


Some children suffer from insomnia, constantly waking through the night, others have disturbing dreams or night-terrors, bed-wetting or an acute fear of the dark and need for continuous reassurance from the parents.

As Homeopaths we treat any restlessness, irritability or discomfort with remedies.  Sleep and in particular irregular waking can be supported, nightmares reduced, sudden waking and crying out, night-time fevers and extreme restlessness.


Many of these worrisome aspects of a child's early life can be lessened.

Nick has worked in the NHS for many years in the psychotherapy department supporting people individually and with group work.  He was part of the Noah's Ark bereavment charity.


He has run a very successful Homeopathic Children's Clinic in Somerset for many years.


Nick specialises in supporting families and children who are coping with life-long

syndromes such as, autism, aspergers, cerebral palsy and down's syndrome.


Nick Cripps BA Ed (Hons), RS Hom

Registared Homeopath, family therapist

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