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In supporting children with permanent syndromes and conditions there are four areas where the gentle and safe use of homeopathic remedies can be very useful.  These four araes are: sleep and nightmares, fears and phobias, behaviour and separation anxiety, and increasing the body's resistance to colds and common infections.


Sleep and nightmares - for some children night time is a frighting time.   Sleep can alternate restless activity, there may be constant waking from frightening dreams, with repetitive threatening visions and a need for the toilet and the parent's warmth and reassurance.


Fears and phobias – these can be real or imagined.  Children often have worries about dogs, spiders and other creepy-crawlies.  Sometimes their dreams are punctuated with such images causing nightmares, other times they imagine such animals in the dark, hiding beneath their beds.


Phobias can be exhausting to live with.  Common phobias are water, heights, dogs and confined spaces.  However, anything can manifest as a phobia – fear of strangers, of new places, even primary colours – red, green, yellow, or a fear of swimming, especially in the sea.


Behaviour, social isolation and separation anxiety – these feelings of loneliness, being different, being alone are common to us all, especially at times of bereavement and grief.  However, for some children these feeling seem to be a semi-permanent aspect of their lives.  Some children have difficulties forming bonds and close friendships, remaing aloof or alone.


Help can be given for all these situations.  Taken over a period of time homeopathic remedies begin to reduce fears, phobias and nightmares and aid sleeep and improve behaviour and social isolation.

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"The healing of Homeopathy is so complete, that I'm trying to remember what my son's symptoms were like !"


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