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"My child seems to catch every 'bug' going round !"


A constant susceptibility to colds, catarrh, diarrhoea,and ear and throat infections can be very unpleasant and draining.  Not being able to 'shake off' an infection and 'lingering' colds are tiresome.  often colds in winter can “travel” downwards into the chest and creating problems like bronchitis.


"My child has never been well since . . .changing schools . . . moving house . . . the family pet dying !!"


Sometimes a person's health never seems to fully recover following an acute illness like flu, or an accident or a sudden change in the environment, like moving house or changing school.  It might be that there is some emotional issue yet to be resolved, especially following the death or a close family member or friend.  Sometimes, a homeopathic remedy is needed to cover the emotional aspects of an illness as well as the physical discomfort of the symptoms.  Many people get ill following an emotional trauma.


"My child's behaviour completely changed following the birth of his younger brother".


Sibling rivalry within families, can bring about some startling changes of behaviour between brothers and sisters.  Previously well-behaved childrens can suddenly get caught up with jealous and envious feelings and they might suddenly become destructive or even self-harm.


Homeopathy is of great benefit to children of all ages and very supportive to family members who might be struggling in the caring role.  Homeopthic remedies are safe, gentle and effective, as they are aimed to treat the physical, emotional and mental aspects of disease.



"Using homeopathic remedies I have witnessed situations changing quickly for the better, outlooks becoming more positive: skin conditions improve, confidence and concentration improve".


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