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Quote from Jennie in Cirencester, a mum with a 11-year-old son, diagnosed with aspergers syndrome at 6-years-old.  He has never been vaccinated, following advice from peadiatric consultant.


“The healing that Homeopathy initiates is so complete and so whole, that even trying to remember what my son's symptoms were like, is almost impossible – it has worked so well !"


“My son was believed to have Aspergers syndrome, when assessed at the age of six: he was a child who was very shut away in his own understanding of the world and had difficulty relating to those around him, and his behaviour could be very 'bizarre'!


“However, this is not the child I have now – after several years of homeopathic treatment he is a delightful, amusing, 'sparkly' boy, with a wicked sense of humour – for an eleven year-old!"


(This boy was prescribed numerous homeopthic remedies over a 3 year period, often these were administered each week)


"The healing of Homeopathy is so complete, that I'm trying to remember what my son's symptoms were like !"


Jennie, Circester




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An Asperger's boy - a mother's story

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